Drafting Listing & Exchange Protocols 

The new discovery rules require parties to follow a default listing and exchange protocol when providing their discovery. We provide a CLE seminar that helps you understand the requirements of the listing and exchange protocol.

One of the advantages of the new discovery rules is the opportunity to modify the document exchange format to suit the case.  The seminar will equip you with the necessary information of how you can draft a listing and exchange protocol to suit you. We will outline the benefits and limitations of the potential document exchange options. 

This seminar covers:

  • Addressing what is required in the default listing and exchange protocol
  • Ensuring you can comply with the listing and exchange protocol
  • Identifying any pitfalls and unnecessary practices (e.g. removing the expensive manual document listing)
  • Modifying the protocol to suit you – how to address this with the other parties
  • Ensuring you can work with the other parties documents when you receive them

We can tailor a session to specifically suit your requirements.

Contact us for more information about the CLE Seminar.