E-Discovery for in-house counsel 

We provide a CLPD seminar that is specifically designed to cover electronic discovery issues for in-house counsel and corporate organisations. 

This seminar focuses on the essentials of electronic discovery and equipping in-house counsel with further education about each stage of the process. The session provides important information that can assist in-house counsel manage their litigation costs and the option to take more control of the discovery process.

This seminar covers:

  • An overview of the electronic discovery process
  • Court Requirements – A look at the new discovery rules, including what is required with the Discovery Checklist and the Listing and Exchange Protocol.
  • New Preservation requirements
  • Information governance – steps organisations can take to simplify the discovery process
  • Frequent pitfalls and unnecessary practices
  • Providing information on the methods and tools that can reduce e-discovery costs
  • An overview of some of the tools available
  • Can we outsource the discovery logistics ourselves?
  • Are there ways that we can reduce the discovery work we outsource to law firms?

We can tailor a session to specifically suit your requirements.

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