Emerging Technologies

We provide a CPD seminar that looks at emerging technologies to assist the electronic discovery process.

The session helps provide more information about new technologies that are being used both internationally and locally. Technology is constantly evolving, so it is important that you keep abreast of the changes. The eDiscovery software you used on a case last year might not be the best approach today. Our experience working in other jurisdictions and with the latest technologies helps us introduce some of these developing trends to you.

This seminar covers:

  • Why move away from the technologies we are used to?
  • What are the emerging technologies?
  • Developing shift to analytical and conceptual based technologies
  • I am in New Zealand – how can I gain access to these new technologies?
  • The emerging technologies are not just for large matters
  • What is next in eDiscovery technology?

We can tailor a session to specifically suit your requirements.

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