Search and Review Strategies

With the new discovery rules, it is important to devise a search and document review strategy that is both proportionate and cost effective.

The focus of this session is to walk you through the potential search strategies. With the new discovery rules, it is important to have a search strategy in place as you are required to discuss this with the other parties in advance of the first Case Management Conference.

The seminar will ensure you have an understanding of the benefits and limitations of the search options. Not all matters are the same, so it is important to be aware of the different search options.

The document review can take up to 70% of the cost of ediscovery. The seminar will look at the potential options to review documents, which can significantly reduce discovery costs.

This seminar covers:

  • What is the right approach?
  • Devising the right strategy to suit your resources/budget/timeframe
  • Looking into specific search and review optionsLinear vs non-linear document review
    • Date ranges/key individuals?
    • The benefits and limitations of keyword searches
    • Other automated searches/review methods?
      • Predictive Coding
      • Concept Searching
      • Email Threading and Near Duplicates
  • Testing your search strategy – do not rely upon blind faith !
  • How to agree a search approach with the other parties

We can tailor a session to specifically suit your requirements.

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