Understanding & Managing e-discovery costs 

Predicting electronic discovery costs can be difficult. We provide a CPD seminar designed to provide a greater understanding of eDiscovery costs enabling you to more effectively manage the cost of electronic discovery.

This seminar will assist you in understanding what the various stages of the electronic discovery process may cost. The new discovery rules require parties to assess and then discuss with the other parties whether the cost of discovery is proportionate to what is at issue. To accurately assess proportionate costs you first need to understand all the potential costs involved with each stage of electronic discovery.

Being able to estimate potential costs will also be helpful when explaining to your client the likely costs involved in the matter.

This seminar covers:

  • An overview of the stages of e-discovery
  • Potential cost considerations of each stage of electronic discovery
  • Not forgetting the cost of the review – 70% of the cost of a discovery exercise
  • An explanation of options to reduce costs
  • Outsourcing – the advantages and disadvantages, including cost savings. 

We can tailor a session to specifically suit your requirements.

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