Managing eDiscovery in New Zealand Conference – 13 February 2013

E-Discovery Consulting and Ernst & Young have joined forces to present the Managing eDiscovery in New Zealand Conference. The Conference is taking place at the Stamford Plaza in Auckland on Wednesday the 13th of February 2013.

Understanding the practical impact of the High Court Discovery Rules 12 months on

Electronic discovery in New Zealand has grown significantly over the last year and there is a clear need for an event which allows NZ legal professionals to develop their knowledge of this evolving area. To successfully conduct e-discovery under the new discovery rules it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the entire electronic discovery process.

The E-discovery process does present many with new challenges and requires new skills from what many have been accustomed to. Obtaining a greater awareness of the e-discovery process, will provide a significant advantage in tackling your next e-discovery exercise.

Back to basics

The Managing eDiscovery in New Zealand Conference will provide a practical insight into the entire e-discovery process, taking you back to the basics including a step by step guide to each phase of the process. The event will look to equip legal professionals with the further skills and the necessary grounding in electronic discovery.

Not only will the conference look at what the Court requires you to do, it will also provide valuable insight with expert practical experiences of the tips and pitfalls of conducting electronic discovery.

More details about the event can be found on the NZ E-Discovery Blog.

Programme update

The sessions include –

  • a step by step guide to each phase involved in the e-discovery process
  • efficient practices for managing evidence in electronic form
  • the tips and pitfalls when collecting, processing and presenting electronic evidence
  • understanding and managing the of costs in e-discovery
  • Insourcing v’s outsourcing options
  • a look at regulatory investigations and the eDiscovery process

A number of Panel discussions are scheduled where delegates can hear from leaders in the industry that are faced with similar issues. Those attending will have ample opportunity to ask practical questions from the Panel and fellow speakers.

The latest programme details can be found here


Confirmed speakers include –

  • His Honour Judge Harvey – District Court
  • Paul Norrie, Senior Product Manager – Pingar
  • Kiri Harkess, Associate – McElroys
  • Lynn Holtz, Project Services Supervisor – Chapman Tripp
  • Sarah Cordner, Senior Manager Fraud Investigations & Dispute Services – Ernst & Young
  • Guy Burgess, CEO – LawFlow
  • Warren Dunn, Head of Forensic Technology & Discovery Services – Ernst & Young
  • Andrew King, Legal Consultant – E-Discovery Consulting
  • Alan Watkins, Senior Systems Engineering Specialist – Symantec
  • Shane Jansz, Sales Manager – Asia Pacific – Nuix


Confirmed sponsors include –

  • Nuix
  • Symantec
  • Merrill Corporation
  • EDT

Exhibitors & Contributors include –

  • Intella (Vound)
  • LawFlow
  • cP DocRev
  • ScanTech
  • Streamlined Litigation Support
  • Next Page
  • Ernst & Young
  • E-Discovery Consulting


Registration and payment details can be found here.

Conference Updates

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