Simplifying your discovery process 

Andrew KingI am Andrew King. In 2011 I founded E-Discovery Consulting to help law firms leverage technology, efficiently and cost effectively to combat the challenges of eDiscovery.

My experience includes being one of the architects of the New Zealand High Court discovery rules, together with 20 years managing and advising on discovery exercises.

I can help guide you through the entire discovery process – either by advising on any aspect of the process, or managing the practical aspects from start to finish.

I can help you by simplifying the discovery process. My specialised advice can provide clarity over complex technical matters to demystify the issues and lessen the burden for you. My independence from any software or provider allows me to find solutions to suit your specific requirements.

My services are tailored to suit your requirements, with advice being from a one hour consultation through to helping you manage the entire project.

I regularly assist law firms, barristers, corporate and government organisations, often acting as the conduit between the law firm, its client and a provider. My engagements are with firms large and small, throughout New Zealand and abroad.

I am committed to industry development and I continue to look to raise the awareness of eDiscovery issues through the NZ E-Discovery Blog.

In addition I manage New Zealand’s premier legal technology & innovation conference – LawFest.

Find out more about how I can help you.

Andrew King