Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who are E-Discovery Consulting?

We provide independent eDiscovery and legal technology advice for lawyers and law firms.

We can manage the entire eDiscovery process or advise on any aspect of it, for any investigation or litigation. Our services assist clients to manage eDiscovery proportionately and cost effectively.

Our founder Andrew King is an industry leading eDiscovery Strategic Advisor. Andrew will be your lead consultant and your initial point of contact.  

What sets E-Discovery Consulting apart?

The value we add sets us apart from alternative options. Our unrivalled expertise has helped pioneer the development of eDiscovery in New Zealand.

Our Expertise

  • We provide industry leading advice on the latest tools and practices to manage the evolving challenges of eDiscovery
  • Our founder Andrew King was one of the architects of the High Court discovery rules, so we can provide unrivalled advice on the discovery obligations
  • We assist our clients predict and control eDiscovery costs. We can provide you with transparency of the potential costs involved in the discovery process and implications of various practices and tools
  • Demystifies eDiscovery issues. Our over 18 years industry experience working with the latest best practices and tools available enable us to provide clients with clarity over often complex technical issues  
  • Our unrivalled Discovery Management model allows us to call upon the leading software and service providers. We can manage your discovery requirements to suit your budget, timeframes and budget

Our Independence

  • Our independence and specialist expertise is specifically tailored to the needs of our clients
  • Unlike other providers, our practices are not restricted by the software that we deploy. 
  • We are software neutral – we source the most suitable software and providers to suit your requirements.

Our unique understanding of law firm practices

  • Our founder Andrew King worked inside law firms for over 12 years in London and New Zealand managing all aspects of discovery exercises
  • We understand the complexities and requirements of lawyers within law firms

Commitment to industry development and raising awareness of eDiscovery

  • Authoring The NZ E-Discovery Blog, which is an objective New Zealand based commentary on electronic discovery issues
  • Collating and circulating the daily publication of The E-Discovery Update
  • Management of New Zealand’s premier legal technology and innovation event – LawFest

When is the best time to involve us?

The best time to involve us is at the outset of the matter. We can help you devise a Discovery Strategy to assist you to conduct discovery proportionately and cost effectively.

We can provide you with strategic advice that allows you to carry  out discovery in a way that is most advantageous to you and your client.

Why should I spend time planning a discovery exercise?

The High Court discovery rules now place greater obligations on lawyers and require more upfront work. It is now important to spend more time at the outset of a matter to plan a Discovery Strategy.

Investing the time at the outset can have considerable cost savings down the track – even on the smallest of matters, spending an hour or so at the outset can provide considerable value as the matter progresses. Investing in our advice in understanding the documents can be a significant tactical advantage in advance of the first Case Management Conference.

Many of our engagements are providing initial advice at the outset of a matter to discuss options and potential costs. Some of these engagements may appear straight forward matters, but we can ensure the discovery exercise progresses in the right direction, which will help prevent any headaches down the line.   

Why engage us when I have always managed discovery in-house?

As technology and discovery practices are evolving at a dramatic rate, internally installed software and the skills of internal staff can quickly become obsolete.

We continually keep abreast of the latest technology and practices. We are not restricted by only being familiar with one or two software options, allowing us to find the software and use the practices that will meet your requirements.

Firms that operate an in-house model can call upon our advice as required. We can often add value at the outset of the matter assisting with developing a Discovery Strategy.

Those law firms that do not have the software or resource in-house can call upon our services when required. Utilising our expertise can help level the playing field with firms that may have more resources at their disposal.

Our services can be charged as a disbursement to your client, so there are no out of pocket expenses for your firm.

Utilising our support when required can simplify your discovery process allowing you to focus on the law, rather than being burdened by managing discovery.   

Are there limits to the size of job you can handle?

Scalability is one of our strengths. Due to our unrivaled Discovery Management model, we source the software and resource(s) tailored to suit the requirements of the matter. This will include using the leading software and service providers to suit your budget and time-frames. Often the resource or software may be different for a smaller matter compared to a larger or more complex matter.

What are our fees?

We are happy to agree a fixed fee for specific tasks, or charge you an hourly rate if you prefer.

Upon request we will provide an estimate at the outset of the matter. If any estimated costs may change we will notify you in advance.

We will pass on any 3rd party provider fees. This includes forensic collection and scanning and coding of paper documents.

We are happy to either meet with you, or arrange a call to discuss your initial requirements. 

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you.