Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is E-Discovery Consulting?

We provide independent and expert eDiscovery consulting services for lawyers, law firms and their clients.

We can guide you through the entire discovery process, helping you meet your legal obligations as well as the practical discovery requirements – from start to finish.

Our founder Andrew King is an industry leading eDiscovery Strategic Advisor. Andrew will be your lead consultant and your initial point of contact.  

What sets E-Discovery Consulting apart?

Our unrivaled expertise can give you the edge that you need, navigating you through the challenges of the discovery process. Setting us apart from any other option in New Zealand is our –

  • Unmatched experience as one of the architects of the New Zealand High Court Discovery Rules, together with over 20+ years managing and advising on discovery exercises working with law firms, barristers and their clients. 
  • Independence and objectivity is our point of difference. As we do not sell a product, we can provide objective advice on the most effective practices and eDiscovery software to meet your legal and practical requirements.
  • Unique understanding of the complexities and requirements of lawyers within law firms. Our founder Andrew King worked inside law firms for over 20 years in London and New Zealand managing all aspects of discovery exercises, together with working with law firms and their clients since founding E-Discovery Consulting.
  • Commitment to industry development through organising New Zealand’s premier legaltech event LawFest, together with being the author of New Zealand’s only commentary of eDiscovery issues – The NZ E-Discovery Blog.

When is the best time to involve us?

The best time to involve us is at the outset of the matter.

With today’s proliferation of information, it is important to be smarter in how discovery is approached. This requires more work earlier in the discovery process to prevent the cost and burden spiraling out of control.

The time invested at the outset could save thousands down the track, not to mention lessening the burden for you and your firm. Even on the smallest of matters, spending an hour or so at the outset can provide considerable value as the matter progresses.

Why should I spend time planning a discovery exercise?

The volumes of data experienced in the discovery process continue to increase rapidly. This can provide new challenges, and unless undertaken effectively the costs and burden of the discovery process can easily (and quickly) spiral out of control.

In addition, the High Court discovery rules now place greater obligations on lawyers and require more upfront work. It is now important to spend more time at the outset of a matter to plan a Discovery Strategy.

Investing the time at the outset can have considerable cost savings as the matter progresses. Our advice in understanding the documents can be a significant tactical advantage in advance of the first Case Management Conference.

Many of our engagements involve providing initial advice at the outset of a matter to discuss options and potential costs. Some of these engagements may appear straight forward matters, but we can ensure the discovery exercise progresses in the right direction, which will help prevent any headaches down the line.   

Why engage us when I have always managed discovery in-house?

With today’s proliferation of information, coupled with the requirements of the High Court Discovery Rules to be more proportionate and cost effective, it can mean considerable change from those using more traditional discovery practices.

Even if you are currently satisfied with your existing eDiscovery process and software, we can provide an independent and fresh perspective to help you tackle the discovery process efficiently and cost effectively.

Calling upon our help as required will ensure you are equipped with the best tools to help you meet your discovery requirements.

We can help you work smarter, which can be the edge that you need – especially when you are up against a firm that may have more resources at their disposal. Some additional help at the start of a matter can help put you on the right path and prevent your discovery costs and burden spiraling out of control. 

Are there limits to the size of job you can handle?

We regularly assist clients with any size discovery matter.

We can project manage all the practical aspects of the discovery process from start to finish. Often our expertise is used to provide strategic advice, through to managing all the practical requirements – allowing you to best utilise your resources on the legal aspects of the case.

What are our fees?

We are happy to agree a fixed fee for specific tasks, or charge you an hourly rate – whatever works for you ! Upon request we will provide an estimate at the outset of the matter. If any estimated costs may change, we will notify you in advance.

We are happy to either meet with you, or arrange a call to discuss your initial requirements. 

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you.