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Ari Kaplan Podcast – Why Legal Tech Conferences Have Become a Global Phenomenon

September 27th, 2018

Recently I was fortunate to be interviewed by leading legal tech thought leader Ari Kaplan in one of his Reinventing Professionals podcasts. Ari’s podcasts “share insights with industry leaders shaping the next generation of legal and professional services”.

On the podcast we talked LawFest and legal technology in New Zealand, together with why legal tech events have become so popular.

You can listen to the interview in full here.

Why Legal Tech Conferences Have Become a Global Phenomenon

We discussed the genesis of LawFest after starting primarily as an eDiscovery and then legal tech event back in 2013.

I realised we needed to broaden the event to appeal to a wider audience (especially in the NZ market). We wanted to grow greater adoption and awareness of innovation & technology in the NZ legal industry.

LawFest is all about providing a platform for legal professionals to learn more about innovation and leveraging technology to help deliver legal services, both for today and the future.

I highlighted why I believe legal conferences have become a global phenomenon – 

Conferences are a great way to learn about how to practice today & the future.

In this age of disruption, you cannot stand still, as it is important to remain curious & open to change.  The law firms of tomorrow will be the ones that innovate through leveraging technology, to deliver more efficient legal services.

I emphasised the growth of the legaltech climate in New Zealand –

There is a growing realisation by law firms & corporate organisations that they need to work smarter, look to innovate through leveraging tech.

At this same time we have been lucky to see some great legal tech emerge globally, and here in NZ we have some exciting legal tech start-ups.

Finally, I provided further details about the New Zealand LegalTech Index –

It is New Zealand’s first index that provides a list of firms that provide products & services to the NZ legal industry.

It is the ‘go to’ resource in NZ for legal professionals to find legal tech solutions.

Make sure you follow Reinventing Professionals, where Ari Kaplan provides great podcasts of insights with industry leaders.



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