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Calling potential sponsors – New Zealand eDiscovery Conference

December 18th, 2012

Ernst & Young and E-Discovery Consulting are looking for sponsors and exhibitors to join with them to help develop the e-discovery industry in New Zealand. The Managing eDiscovery in New Zealand Conference is the first of its kind in New Zealand being held in Auckland on the 13th of February 2013.

The Conference is an ideal opportunity for service and software providers to the industry to join in the event and showcase their products and services. For a long time there has been a lack of options available in New Zealand, but with this new found enthusiasm for e-discovery since the new Court requirements, there is an increasing movement from lawyers and firms to want to know more about the services and software that is available.

The event is designed to provide a back to basics approach to legal professionals to understand the entire electronic discovery process. For many e-discovery is new to them and often challenging without the right guidance. As well as providing those attending with more knowledge about the process, delegates will also have exposure to leading providers in the e-discovery space, giving them the opportunity to assess what options are available.  

Considerable interest by service providers

So far we have already had a number of expressions of interest from potential sponsors that are looking to participate in the event. Most of the interested parties so far are some of the household e-discovery names, as well as some newer providers that are looking at the opportunity of moving further into the e-discovery space. Over the past few days I have fielded queries from providers had not previously had the New Zealand e-discovery market on their immediate radar, but see the Conference as an ideal opportunity to gain greater exposure.

We have also had considerable interest from off-shore providers. Some of these providers may not be able to attend the event in person, but are interested in contributing in a way to get their product and service exposure in the New Zealand market.

Many sponsorship options can be tailored to suit the requirements of the company. Sponsorship options include the standard various sponsorship levels to participating solely as an exhibitor. Options can be tailored further to include adverts, table drops and sponsorship of individual sessions.

The more providers that we can attract to the event the better as the event is an ideal opportunity for the e-discovery industry in New Zealand to develop further. The tools and services that many providers offer are essential for legal professionals that are looking at efficient and cost effective solutions to their e-discovery requirements.

If anyone would like further details about sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities then please contact me directly.


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