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Chilli IQ’s E-Discovery Summit – Raising the awareness of electronic discovery

May 1st, 2012

Providing education to raise the awareness of electronic discovery is essential to assist navigate the challenges of electronic information both efficiently and cost effectively. Chilli IQ’s 6th Information Management & E-Discovery Summit is one of very few events in Australasia that is designed to help those in the industry expand their knowledge about dealing with electronic information. This year’s event is in Sydney on the 19th and 20th of June.

The electronic discovery landscape is constantly evolving, which is adding more challenges for all of those involved. Many still lack the expertise to effectively manage the discovery of electronic information. For many they are not fully aware of the practical issues involved and solutions for them to manage electronic information. This lack of awareness can add avoidable costs to the discovery process.

Like other jurisdictions, Australia and New Zealand are both faced with the same issues of the increasing volumes and sources of electronic information, and at the same time coming up with more proportionate and cost effective practices to manage this information.

There are not any intensive conferences available in New Zealand, so it is a good opportunity for those from New Zealand to head across the ditch for a couple of days to hear from industry experts. Previously there has always been a good contingent of New Zealand delegates at the event. This year I expect there will be even more due to introduction of new electronic discovery rules in New Zealand which commenced on 1 February 2012. The new rules establish a framework to assist parties to reach agreement on discovery issues in a proportionate and cost effective manner. There is now an expectation to be more pro-active and be able to be more informed at an earlier stage and working with other parties to focus on what is proportionate to the matter at hand. Those involved in litigation are now expected to understand the evolving issues relating to e-discovery, as well as how the aide of technology can assist getting to what matters at an early stage.

Unlike New Zealand, Australia has had e-discovery rules (in the form of Practice Notes), in place for a few years now. It is always valuable to hear from those conducting discovery in Australia facing similar issues and practices that could help those in New Zealand.

Chilli IQ has set up a dedicated website for the event. The website provides all relevant about the event and will be updated further with confirmed speakers and further programme information.

I have been fortunate enough to attend Chilli IQ e-discovery events over the last number of years. They always have a good calibre of speakers as well as very relevant subject matter that is beneficial to all in the industry. It is always valuable to hear from others that are faced with similar issues and to listen to the ways they have responded to these issues. The conference always has a good representation from all stakeholders in litigation, including corporate clients, law firms, service providers and importantly from the Judiciary.

With the current list of invited speakers and subject matters I am sure that this year’s Summit will once again be a very valuable experience.



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