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Do you get what you pay for?

November 8th, 2018

Is this fair when it comes to eDiscovery software or not?

Just because a solution may be cheaper, it doesn’t always mean it is not as good, likewise if it is more expensive it doesn’t always mean it is better for you !

Organisations have different requirements, which could mean that certain eDiscovery software might suit your requirements better than others. These different requirements could include –

  • Use the software on one matter, or to assist with all matters.
  • Have full control of the software and to manage themselves, whilst others may to pass this to experts to step in to assist. A ‘middle ground’ can be where you manage most yourself but have expert assistance available if required.
  • Do you require advanced functionality, or will the basic features suffice? The answer may change depending on the requirements of the individual matter.

As I previously mentioned, there is some great eDiscovery software out there with amazing functionality, but what I still see winning a lot of end-users over is the simplicity and intuitiveness of the product. I do not mean it only does the basic stuff, but how the software can do everything they require and if needed so much more.

Generally, the options that cost more come with greater functionality. What you should ask yourself is do I need that functionality, and does the cost justify that functionality? The answer for some will be yes, whilst others it might be no, and the option is to look at a less advanced option, that may cost less.

Requirements + expectations change

One issue I do encounter a lot is that the requirements of the legal team may be greater than what they thought at the outset of the matter.

A piece of advice I give clients is at the end of each matter sit down with a blank piece of paper (I know I shouldn’t be proposing paper), draw a line down the middle and identify what worked well, and what didn’t. Often what didn’t work well, or more precisely the limitations of a product can be the justification to looking toward something with more advanced functionality on your next matter.

After many years involved in the eDiscovery space, something to be weary of (especially if you are new to eDiscovery software) is the pricing models of many options, together with those that provide the software and services. This is a conversation to discuss in greater detail another day, but let me just say that not all eDiscovery software or its pricing are necessarily what you may think it is !

Often you do get what you pay for, but also you do not always need all that you are paying for.

I can help ensure you find the right eDiscovery solution for you.



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