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Don’t shape your practices around the capabilities of your software

February 27th, 2018

When it comes to the discovery process, many firms that I speak with are still being forced to shape their litigation practices around the capabilities of their existing eDiscovery software. How they work can be considerably impacted by the limitations of their existing software.

Most of the issues experienced, simply should not happen. Some of the common frustrations with eDiscovery software, can include –

  • The more documents we put in the more it struggles
  • We are restricted by how many people can use it + new users is an additional cost
  • I have to be in the office to access it
  • I spend much of the day on the phone to the support
  • I want to load documents without having to use a 3rd party
  • I got trained on features that I have never needed to use
  • The software is not intuitive, especially compared to other technologies
  • I have to pay more to access any advanced features
  • The software was great when we started, but we now need to do more

Some of these frustrations may have been acceptable 10 years ago, however it is now 2018 and it should not be this way when it comes to using effective eDiscovery solutions. You no longer need to put up with issues when there may be more suitable options available.

I always encourage those that I work with to look around at the eDiscovery options available. Ideally, you should evaluate your eDiscovery software options every 12-24 months.

evaluate your eDiscovery software options every 12-24 months

Even if you are currently satisfied with your existing eDiscovery option (as there are some great ones around), it is worth seeing what else is available.

Find out what are others using? Is it giving them an advantage over you?

If you would like any assistance, I can provide independent and impartial advice on the various options. I might even be able to find a more appropriate solution for you !



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