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How can we do this better – the opportunity to re-evaluate your eDiscovery software options

September 24th, 2020

Since COVID-19, the legal profession like so many has become totally reliant on technology, as traditional practices have had to be adapted just to survive.

eDiscovery is no different, as it is a great opportunity to re-evaluate how you are approaching eDiscovery.

Like most technology, so much can change and quickly with eDiscovery software – your requirements change; the options available change; and costs can go up or down. To ensure you are equipping yourself with the most effective tools, you should evaluate your eDiscovery software options every 12-24 months.

Ask yourself – how can we do this better?

Aside from COVID, data volumes continue to increase rapidly, with clients now expecting their legal advisors to have the tools at their disposal to manage eDiscovery efficiently, cost effectively and accurately.

Re-evaluate your eDiscovery software options

Even if you are currently satisfied with your existing eDiscovery software, it is worth exploring what else is available. Many are using these challenging times to see just what else is out there.

Find out what others are using – is it giving them an advantage over you?

Changing products is simple as most in New Zealand are deploying eDiscovery software as a ‘hosted’ option, meaning you can access from anywhere – which has become essential since COVID. Additionally, there is no internal outlay required by your firm, as the ‘pay as you go’ monthly cost can usually be disbursed to your client, like other associated costs.

There are so many eDiscovery software options now available – options that are greatly superior, intuitive and cheaper than what was available only a few years back.

But how do we start?

A good way to get started is give another option a go on a new matter, whilst maybe still using your existing software on present matters. This gives you the ability to see how it works and if it might be appropriate to consider using it for future matters. An increasing number of firms are using this as their approach to evaluating options.

Best of all, if you don’t like a product, or it doesn’t work for you – you can easily move on !

Evaluating your eDiscovery software options every 12-24 months will ensure you are using the most suitable eDiscovery option(s) available – enabling you to manage your clients eDiscovery requirements efficiently, cost effectively and accurately.

Please do reach out if you would like help in exploring the options available and more importantly finding the right solution for you.



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