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How one lawyer used Technology Assisted Review to save their client thousands

July 31st, 2018

Technology Assisted Review (“TAR”), can be a great enabler for firms that need to be nimble and innovate to compete with large firms.

A perfect example was a matter I managed for a New Zealand law firm, that helped save their client thousands of dollars.

Australian litigation support provider, Law In Order has produced an excellent case study, highlighting how successful the use of TAR was on this matter. You can read the full Law In Order case study here.

The case study highlights the significant cost savings for the law firm and their client. Obviously, there can be variables that may impact the exact savings, however what cannot be disputed is the considerable savings compared to a traditional manual review of the documents.

The challenge

The problem was we had 6.6 million documents, and only one dedicated solicitor. 

This was compounded by considerable time and cost pressures.

Even after working with the other party to apply keyword search terms, we were still faced with over 150K documents to manually review. This was in addition to the search term process being largely ineffective as it had produced many ‘false positive’ results.

The solution

We had to look at smarter ways to complete the exercise.

We considered all options before going down the TAR path. Largely due to the time and cost of a traditional document review, together with not having available resources (or wanting to engage contract lawyers), TAR became the logical solution.

It was cost effective and enabled the law firm to maximise the expertise of the one solicitor who was a highly experienced subject matter expert. The law firm was able to conduct the discovery review quickly, so they could devote their energies into progressing the rest of the case post the discovery process for their client.

Not only was the use of TAR quicker and cheaper, it also delivered more accurate and consistent results. Anyone that has conducted a large scale manual review with numerous lawyers will most likely have experienced inconsistencies and lack of accuracy in their review. Many of the calls made by the initial reviewers frequently require correcting by senior lawyers later in the process – creating additional, yet avoidable work and cost.

enabling them to manage a matter that may otherwise been too vast and costly to manage

Using TAR enabled this law firm to successfully manage a matter that may have otherwise been too vast and costly for them to manage.

This is just one of many matters where TAR has been applied successfully to help get to the most important information quicker, cheaper and more accurately.

If you would like to know more about how TAR was used in this matter, or how Technology Assisted Review could help you, then do not hesitate to get in contact.



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