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Is eDiscovery becoming over-engineered?

February 7th, 2024

Over recent years I often wonder if the eDiscovery process is becoming increasingly over-engineered and sometimes needlessly complicated.

I think we can simply lose sight of the objective to get only what you need and do so in a way that is quick and cost effective.

We all know if the ever-increasing sources and data volumes, are not effectively managed the cost and complexity can quickly spiral out of control. However sometimes it appears as if we try to apply a one size fits all approach.

You do not always need a ‘Ferrari’…

Obviously, I am not saying we should cut corners, but I think sometimes it is in some people’s interest to make the process seem as complex and complicated as possible.

Sometimes there are some easy wins, or more specifically practices that we may have simply forgotten by the appeal of new ‘shiny tools’, or is it just that these are not what people are now trained to focus on.

There is so much more to eDiscovery

Today’s eDiscovery skillsets are too often centred around the eDiscovery product itself.  You need a lot more than product specific eDiscovery certifications that are provided by the software companies.

Even though it is great to have someone with expert knowledge of how the eDiscovery product works (and again there are great eDiscovery software tools out there), wider skills are required. The skill is how to solve a problem, not only knowing how to use one software product.

I think sometimes this over engineering or sole reliance on certain tools takes away important skillsets of problem solving and understanding the requirements of a certain matter.

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