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Launch of the New Zealand Legal Tech Index

May 8th, 2018

Last month, LawFest launched the New Zealand Legal Technology Index. The index is New Zealand’s first listing of businesses that provide tech products and services to the New Zealand legal industry.

Check out the LawFest press release here with further details about the index.

The index enables legal professionals to explore and connect with the right people and the right technology to help them solve business challenges, to deliver legal services more efficiently. Those listed on the index are specialists in the legal industry, providing technology or services specifically to address the challenges legal professionals face.

The ‘go to’ NZ legal tech resource

Obviously, I encourage all to attend LawFest 2019, but the index is a great ‘go to’ resource for legal professionals in New Zealand to find businesses that offer tech solutions. The index is a growing community with a mission to improve legal services and access to legal services through technology and innovation.

The ‘go to’ resource for New Zealand legal professionals to find legal tech solutions

The legal tech index has full contact details of each business, together with the solutions they provide – all in the one place.

It is great to see that in only a few weeks the number of companies that have already taken a listing. There are also more about to take a listing. Speaking to those in law firms, corporate and government roles, the index is a great entry level option to explore the options available in the New Zealand legal sector.

If you provide tech services or products and you are not listed, then get in and list your business on the New Zealand legal technology index. If you are looking for tech solutions, then make sure you first consult the NZ Legal Technology Index !

Checkout the organisations that make up the legal tech index.



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