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Navigating eDiscovery pricing models

November 14th, 2018

There are excellent eDiscovery software options available, however it isn’t always easy to compare their eDiscovery pricing models. This is something you need to be aware of, especially if you are new to eDiscovery.

The price that you are initially presented with may not always be the true cost.

You may be surprised when you compare the original estimated cost, compared to what you pay at the conclusion of the matter.

Are you comparing apples with apples?

Firstly, when you are looking at a straight estimate, you may not always be comparing apples with apples.

Is the price reflective of the exact same service, feature or solution?

There can be considerable differences with how providers price and bundle their services. There can be additional features that incur further costs, whilst other options may simply include all features in the cost provided.

This can make the assessment of the provider and the software challenging.

Some solutions have easy and transparent pricing models, whilst others can require a ‘mathematics degree’ to work out the potential cost.

Some may also have hidden costs ! It will not come as any real surprise that some of those selling the product, do not always point these out to you !

Understand eDiscovery pricing models

It can be a problem when you do not fully understand the respective pricing models, or capabilities of each solution.

It is important that you are aware of all these eventualities at an early stage.

To reduce any nasty surprises, in your evaluation process seek impartial advice to help you evaluate your best options – not just from those selling the product !

As I have previously mentioned, it has never been a better time to embrace eDiscovery software as the options available are greatly superior, intuitive and cheaper than what was available only a few years back.

However, before you embark on your next eDiscovery exercise, make sure you get the right advice, so you fully understand the eDiscovery pricing models and ensure you comparing apples with apples.

It is much better to have this information at the outset, before you commit to an option, so you can ensure you are getting exactly what you need and expect – including the price !



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