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Recommind head to New Zealand for Axcelerate 5 Launch Party

April 30th, 2014

Leading global eDiscovery firm Recommind is holding a launch in Auckland on the 8th of May for their new Axcelerate 5 eDiscovery software. The event is the first public demonstration of Axcelerate 5 in New Zealand.

I have been invited by Recommind to address the event about how the discovery process has evolved. It will be an opportunity to look at the changes with eDiscovery practices, with some of the issues with traditional practices as well as some of the new options to address these challenges.

Event Details

DATE: Thursday 8th May 2014

TIME: 12:00 pm

LOCATION: Gusto at the Grand, 90 Federal Street, Auckland, NZ

Providing alternatives to legacy options

Choosing the right eDiscovery software can be a significant competitive advantage and can level the playing field for firms that do not have the software or resources in-house.

legacy products that may no longer suit their requirements

Some firms can be left behind by their choice of eDiscovery software, or their reliance on legacy products that may no longer suit their requirements. The annual software licenses of in-house products now provide the opportunity for organisations to re-evaluate their options on an annual basis. 

It is exciting times for New Zealand law firms and corporate organisations with there being more options available to assist lawyers navigate the challenges of managing increasing data volumes.

I was fortunate myself to spend time with Recommind at LegalTech to get a first hand glimpse of the new Axcelerate 5 platform. Traditionally Recommind have been known for being leaders in Predictive Coding. Axcelerate 5 builds on the Predictive Coding capabilities, but has many other capabilities that provide more effective ways to assist in getting to the important information cheaper, quicker and more accurately.

Recomminds commitment to the New Zealand market

Holding events like these demonstrate firms like Recommind‘s commitment to the industry in New Zealand.

Recommind were one of the sponsors of the 2nd Annual New Zealand Conference back in March. Recommind’s APAC Regional Manager Greg O’Reilly appeared on a panel looking at the emerging technologies that are now available. The panel discussion explored how it is important to move away from some of the traditional approaches if eDiscovery is to be managed more proportionately and cost effectively. During and since the event there has been significant interest by New Zealand firms in these technologies.

I look forward to reporting back following the launch with some of the key developments.



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