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Renewed Interest in eDiscovery Software

September 27th, 2016

Over recent months I have been fielding an increasing number of queries about eDiscovery software.

In New Zealand over the past few years, the interest does come in waves. Back in 2012 and 2013 there was considerable interest in eDiscovery software, on the back of the new High Court discovery rules.

After 2013, I can only assume many firms found a product and stuck with it. This is starting to change. 12 months can see a lot of changes with technology, and eDiscovery software is no different.

Compared to larger international markets, down here in New Zealand we do not have as many visible options around. Other markets are flooded with options and regular events where lawyers and corporate organisations can see the software options for them themselves. We do have LawFest (which is great for showcasing technology), but we just do not have the same access to see the software first hand.

Today with the convenience and accessibility of the internet most of the leading eDiscovery options are now available in New Zealand. The only difference is that there is not always a local sales person or more importantly on the ground support (many can probably do without the sales people !). These are not deal breakers, but they are at least considerations.

A key driver of the renewed interest is ultimately the increasing volumes of information that legal teams are facing, which means lawyers need the right software to help them manage this information. Sometimes their existing options are no longer achieving this effectively.

There are now considerably more options available, especially more so than we had back in 2012, which is providing greater choice for lawyers and their firms. The availability of options does make the task of selecting eDiscovery software more challenging – it is a matter of finding the right solution.

For a number of years I have worked with lawyers and their firms, helping them find the right eDiscovery software to suit them. I believe my point of difference is that my advice is independent and not having a pre-selected product in mind.

Give me a shout if you want assistance in finding the right eDiscovery software for you.



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