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Shop around ! See the eDiscovery software options available

October 22nd, 2020

When it comes to eDiscovery software, it has never been a better opportunity to shop around in evaluating eDiscovery software options available.

Since COVID-19, many are exploring the legal tech they use to see if it is still fit for purpose. I know eDiscovery software is one of my most frequent conversations I have had with people of late. Evaluating your eDiscovery software options every 12-24 months should be on the mind of everyone undertaking eDiscovery to ensure you are using the most suitable eDiscovery option(s) available.

Evaluating eDiscovery Software – Don’t be left behind !

Do others have an advantage over you, with their choice of eDiscovery software?

Something to consider is to find out what your competitors are doing.

I still find many firms using an eDiscovery solution (using the word ‘solution’ loosely), because they have always used the product and have grown comfortable with it, and it has been too hard to consider moving to something else. If this is you, then you are being left behind by others that are open to exploring options that better meet their requirements.

What may have worked for you 5 years ago, may not be right for you today or even in the future – especially with the increasing volumes of information in all eDiscovery matters.

Too often I see firms persist with existing software when its capabilities are limited. How they work is dictated by and considerably impacted by the limitations of their existing software. Their litigation practices then get shaped around the capabilities of their existing eDiscovery software, instead of finding a solution that compliments how they work.

It does not have to be this way !

If you don’t like a product, or it doesn’t work for you – move on !

Even if you are currently satisfied with your existing eDiscovery software (as there are some good ones out there), it is worth exploring what else is available. You may have a preferred option that works for most matters, and then explore another option when the requirements necessitate. I would encourage everyone to have an alternative option ready to go if required.

It has never been a better time to explore eDiscovery software as the options available are greatly superior, intuitive, and cheaper than what was available only a few years back.

Changing eDiscovery products is simple

Even when it comes to moving eDiscovery products it is a simple process.

Most in New Zealand deploy eDiscovery software as a ‘hosted’ option, meaning you have the advantage of accessing from anywhere (which has become essential since COVID). Additionally, there is no internal outlay required by your firm, as the ‘pay as you go’ monthly cost can usually be disbursed to your client, like other associated costs. Likewise, you are not carrying significant internal upfront investment, that may impact moving to an alternative option.

Do take the time to shop around to see the fantastic eDiscovery software options that are now available. You may just find a solution that better meets your requirements.

Please do reach out if you would like help in exploring the eDiscovery software options available and finding the right solution for you.



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