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The Annual Trek to LegalTech New York

January 13th, 2016

It is nearly that time of year again as 10,000 plus legal technology professionals from around the globe make their annual journey to New York for LegalTech. For those that are not aware, LegalTech is the largest and leading legal technology event on the calendar.

For anyone that has not been before, I encourage you at some stage to try and get to a LegalTech in New York. For those of us from the southern hemisphere, the weather at this time of year may be a challenge, but the value the event brings is such a great opportunity.

We need to know this stuff

I can harp on about it, but legal technology and the way the technology is and can be used is such a fast changing environment.

We do need to know this stuff, or as I often say – it is important to have access to someone that can provide assistance to help you work more efficiently.

In New Zealand I run LawFest to help educate and prepare the legal profession to embrace technology to work more efficiently. Attending LegalTech in New York is a great way for me to continue to learn what is happening in the industry with the different solutions and practices that are also designed to assist law firms and their lawyers practice law more efficiently.

Legal Technology doesn’t stand still

12 months is a long time in this industry and especially as the technology and practices can evolve considerably in this time. For me attending each year has been a valuable experience for many years.

It still astounds me when I look back even a few years with some of the practices that were common place and how they have changed dramatically, and will continue to do so going forward. It is important to understand what we need to do today, but also what will be the challenges and solutions in the future.

For those that are interested in the technology, LegalTech is often the platform that many software providers look to launch their new products.

Networking, networking, networking…

The new technologies and practices are great, but for me the greatest value that I get from LegalTech is the networking opportunities. Everyone is in the one place, all the leading experts and technology providers.

The event is a great platform to share experiences and discuss issues that we are coming across. Many of us face common issues like persuading law firms and corporate organisations of the value we can add to assist them in their job – no matter what country we are from. Often you pick up on ideas/problems/solutions that you may not have considered. We are all learning about better ways to assist the needs of our clients.

If you are going to be in New York for LegalTech, then give me a shout as I am always keen to meet up with fellow legal technology colleagues.



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