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Understanding the potential cost of eDiscovery

November 22nd, 2018

Too often I have seen good eDiscovery solutions end in a difficult relationship as there was not a full appreciation of potential cost of eDiscovery at the outset.

The scenario usually goes something like this – 

Client – your estimate was XX

Provider – you asked us to undertake additional work, any further work was itemised in the proposal.

Client – why didn’t you tell us that?

Provider – We did. This was detailed in our estimate, with respective unit rates.

Sound familiar?

Both may be correct.

The client probably didn’t fully appreciate the variables that could impact the price. This can be awkward if you have already conveyed to your client the original estimate as the total cost.

Equally, the provider probably thought their estimate outlined the additional costs if the parameters changed. To prevent risking the engagement, they may not have gone too in-depth into potential variables,

The importance of transparency

Transparency + managing the expectations of the client of potential costs is very important. If not, it can contribute to unnecessary tension between the client and provider.

No one wants a bad experience based solely on price when the eDiscovery solution itself may have been excellent.

This can easily be avoided by fully understanding your requirements, together with potential variables (or ‘hidden costs’) in the providers pricing modeland do so at the outset !

Get to know the cost of eDiscovery

As there are now more eDiscovery options available, together with those providing the software, it is important to fully understand the pricing models to ensure you are getting the right solution for you.

Obviously, your choice of eDiscovery software should not solely be based on price but for most it will be a very important consideration and especially a starting point.

If you need help, be sure to make contact to understand the eDiscovery options available, their pricing models (including potential ‘hidden costs’), together if they will meet your requirements.


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