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Understanding Your Client’s eDiscovery Software Requirements

October 27th, 2016

As I discussed in my last post it is important for law firms to understand their eDiscovery software requirements, but some providers also need to do more to understand what the requirements of their potential clients are.

Without wanting to offend all eDiscovery providers as most are great at understanding the requirements of their potential clients, but there are a few that could do more.

Over the years I have watched how some providers go about trying to sell their products. Often the sales pitch or demos can simply lose a potential client, and very rarely directly relate the value of the software to what they want to achieve.

I appreciate software providers meet many firms with different requirements, but it probably does require them to tailor demos and meetings more to what the client wants.

Topping the list is the persistence in focusing on too many advanced features, too early in the process. I appreciate some providers want to show their latest features, but sometimes the clients do not want these. Don’t get me wrong, I am the first to admit how great some of the functionality is, but sometimes the client is not after that.

This can result in some great options never being adopted, as they have lost the prospective client by focusing on features they either didn’t understand or didn’t require.

Showing the lawyers how the software can solve a problem they have is a great starting point.  

Too often some providers focus on the terabytes of data, multi-million document matters and then the glitzy features of the software. In New Zealand all matters face greater volumes of information, but we are not at the level that many of these software providers may see in other jurisdictions.

Even today, there are many that are just using the basic functionality of eDiscovery software, especially when they use the software for the first time. It is important to allow the legal team to ‘find their feet’ with the software first, and then use the advanced features as they become more comfortable with the platform. 

There is some great eDiscovery software out there with amazing functionality, but what I continue to find in winning the client over is the simplicity of the product. I do not mean it only does the basic stuff, but more to show them how the software it can do everything that they require and if needed it does so much more. 

To do this it is crucial to know what your prospective client is looking for.

You could even ask them !



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