Training – CPD Seminars

We provide CPD seminars to equip legal professionals with the further skills and the necessary grounding in eDiscovery and legal technology.

Earn CPD hours with our eDiscovery seminars

The eDiscovery process is now an unavoidable part of any litigation or investigation. To successfully conduct electronic discovery, it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the entire electronic discovery process. Legal professionals need to keep abreast of the latest best practices and advances in technology to effectively meet their requirements to the court and their clients.

Navigating eDiscovery challenges

Due to the increasing volumes of electronic information, eDiscovery does present many with new challenges and requires new skills from what many have been accustomed to. Unless undertaken effectively, the costs and burden of the discovery exercise can spiral out of control. The skills required and the understanding of technology is far greater than what was previously required in a traditional paper based practice.

Our seminars will help your organisation to be better positioned to address electronic discovery efficiently and cost effectively. We provide the only practical e-Discovery training in New Zealand.

The CPD seminars that we provide include:

Our seminars normally run for one hour, and usually take place at lunch time or a convenient time to suit your working day.

The seminars can be tailored to your specific requirements, delivered to groups or even on a one on one basis – we can accommodate all requirements.

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