21 March 2019 | The Cordis, Auckland

What is LawFest?

LawFest is the one event legal professionals should attend every year.

Innovation in legal services through the use of technology is a game changer. To stay relevant to your clients, and to practice law more efficiently, lawyers and their firms need to increasingly leverage technology. LawFest is New Zealand’s answer to this challenge.

LawFest is New Zealand’s premier legal technology event. It provides a platform for legal professionals to discover technology and develop a greater understanding of how technology can impact them, their firms and their clients.

LawFest is organised by Andrew King of E-Discovery Consulting, building on the success of the past six annual conferences, with the 2018 event attracting over 250 participants.

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Why you should attend LawFest?

If you want to learn more about innovative practices and drive greater efficiency within your organisation, and ultimately drive profitability, then LawFest is for you.

The one day conference is an opportunity for anyone involved in the intersection of technology and the law to develop their knowledge and immerse themselves in the latest topics and trends in this fast changing area. The event promises to provide delegates with the opportunity to connect with like-minded lawyers, CEOs, CIOs, practice managers, IT professionals and government agencies.

LawFest is the only event in New Zealand that provides the opportunity to meet the leading legal technology providers to see their products and services that can help you practice law more efficiently, today and into the future. 

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