Our eDiscovery Services

Our eDiscovery services provide independent advice on any aspect of the discovery process, helping you meet your legal obligations as well as the practical discovery requirements – from start to finish.

You can draw upon our unrivalled expertise to give you the edge that you need ! We will help you work smarter with how you approach the discovery process, which can be a great point of difference when you are up against a firm that may have more resources at their disposal.

We can help you with –    

  • Assisting with the discovery strategy for your case
    • Liaising with your team and/or your client to identify document sources, categories and volumes
    • Ensuring you and your client can predict and control discovery costs
    • Preparing for the first Case Management Conference and engaging with other parties to address the mandatory Discovery Checklist
    • Devising the most suitable Early Case Assessment (ECA), search and review strategies, including preparing effective keyword search terms and deploying technology assisted review techniques like Predictive Coding
    • Complying with the requirements of the listing and exchange protocol
  • Devising an effective search and review strategy
  • Providing independent e-discovery software advice. Assessing all the software options available, comparing their benefits/limitations and pricing, all tailored to suit your requirements
  • Providing expert evidence in disputes of proportionality, scope, discovery costs and reasonableness
  • The option to project manage the practical logistics of the discovery process from start to finish. 

Contact us to find out more about how we can help simplify your discovery process.