Discovery Management

We can project manage all the practical aspects of the discovery process from start to finish. Our services can manage either select parts or the entirety of the eDiscovery process of any litigation or investigation – calling upon our services as and when required.

Our expert advice and access to leading edge technology and providers can help to level the playing fields so smaller firms can compete more effectively against larger firms with more resources at their disposal. Our assistance can also be ramped up or down as required to assist with the peaks and troughs associated with litigation.

We can be your central point of contact, project managing all logistics, liaising directly with the various providers, thereby allowing you to focus on the issues of the case. And, our services can be structured as a disbursement charge for your clients.

Our discovery management services include

  • Liaising with your client to identify document sources, categories and volumes
  • Assisting you to prepare for the first Case Management Conference and engaging with other parties to address the mandatory Discovery Checklist
  • Arranging document collection, engaging forensic expertise if necessary
  • Scanning and coding of paper documents
  • Electronic processing including extracting data from electronic documents, filtering and culling irrelevant material
  • Early Case Assessment, searching and filtering strategy
  • Developing the review strategy including technology assisted review techniques like Predictive Coding
  • Implementing the listing and exchange protocol, including producing documents electronically to the other parties. 

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