eDiscovery Software Advice

Even though there are now so many solutions available, selecting the right eDiscovery software can be difficult and overwhelming. Getting the right eDiscovery software advice is essential.

To ensure your eDiscovery software continues to meet your requirements, most firms will evaluate their options every 12-24 months. Even if you are currently satisfied with your existing eDiscovery software, it is worth exploring what else is available.

Find out what others are using – is it giving them an advantage over you?

Independent eDiscovery Software Advice

We provide independent advice on the most suitable e-discovery software to suit your requirements. 

As we do not sell a product, our complete independence, allows us to provide an objective, unbiased assessment to ensure you are able to deploy a solution that suits your requirements.

let us find the right eDiscovery software for you !

We will help you make an informed decision on what is the right e-discovery product for you by:

  • Assessing your requirements
  • Outlining the software options available and recommending option(s) that best suit your requirements
  • Discussing the benefits and limitations of each product
  • Explaining indicative pricing, together with the different pricing models of each provider and software – including any ‘hidden costs’
  • Arranging introductions and/or demonstrations of the software options for you.

Our eDiscovery software advice can be delivered through a tailored report, or we can simply have a more informal discussion of the many options available.

Contact us today to get independent advice on the right e-discovery solution for you.