E-Discovery Software – Independent Advice

Selecting the right eDiscovery software can be difficult and overwhelming. 

To ensure your eDiscovery software continues to meet your requirements, most firms will evaluate their options every 12-24 months.

Independent Advice

We provide independent advice on the most suitable e-discovery software to suit your requirements. 

Our complete independence, allows us to provide an un-biased assessment to ensure you are able to deploy the most appropriate solution, that suits your requirements.

let us find the right eDiscovery software for you !

We will help you make an informed decision on what is the right e-discovery product for you by:

  • Assessing your requirements
  • Outlining the software options available and recommending the option(s) that best suit your requirements
  • Discussing the benefits and limitations of each product
  • Providing indicative pricing, including explaining the different pricing models of each provider and software – including any ‘hidden costs’
  • Arranging demonstrations of the software options for you.

Our eDiscovery software advice can be delivered through a tailored report, or we can simply discuss the many options available.

Contact us today to get independent advice on the right e-discovery solution for you.