Get your eDiscovery Healthcheck today!

With today’s escalating data volumes and the rising costs, most organisations will look to evaluate their eDiscovery practices every 12- 24 months to ensure they are approaching eDiscovery in the most effective way. An eDiscovery healthcheck is a great way to start !

Get your fresh perspective on your eDiscovery practices

Even if you are currently satisfied with your existing eDiscovery process and software, we can provide an independent and fresh perspective to help you tackle the discovery process efficiently and cost effectively.

Find out what others are doing – is it giving them an advantage over you? We can help you work smarter to meet the increasing challenges of the discovery process.

An eDiscovery healthcheck will usually consist of –

  • A discussion of what you are currently doing (with both your practices & software) + what you are looking to achieve?; and
  • Practical recommendations to improve your eDiscovery process.

The healthcheck can be as simple as a phone conversation with some easy to implement recommendations, through to a more in-depth analysis.

Contact us today to organise your eDiscovery healthcheck.