Search and Review Strategy

It is important to have a search strategy as you are required to discuss your search approach with the other parties in advance of the first Case Management Conference.

The increasing volumes and sources of electronic information can add substantial cost and burden to the discovery process – even on the smallest of matters. While the final discovery may only involve a few hundred documents – how to find these is what can be complicated and costly.

Our expertise can advise on the most effective practices and tools to assist legal teams to locate the key documents quickly and cost effectively.

We can provide an early insight into the data to help you substantiate your approach to agree the discovery scope and ensure a proportionate and reasonable search – a tactical advantage in advance of the first Case Management Conference.

We can assist your search and review strategy by:

  • Devising the right strategy to suit your case resources, budget and time-frames
  • Investigating specific search and review options such as
    • Date ranges
    • Key People (custodians and potential witnesses)
    • Keyword search terms
    • Other automated searches and review methods
      • Predictive Coding
      • Concept Searching and clustering
      • Email Threading and Near Duplicate Analysis
  • Advising on or developing the review and workflow strategy
    • Linear (one document at a time) vs non-linear document review
    • Allocation of work within review teams to determine who reviews what
    • Reporting to provide insight into the effectiveness and progress of the review
  • How to agree a search approach with the other parties

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