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EDT to host luncheon launching their New Zealand hosted solutions

July 14th, 2014

Leading legal software provider EDT is hosting a lunch in Auckland on the 24th of July, to announce its new hosted solutions for the New Zealand market and to present an Early Case Assessment (ECA) case study. The case study will show how law firms in the US have used EDT to provide lawyers with early insight into collected data to help them develop an informed strategy for the eDiscovery exercise.  Such insight can provide a significant strategic advantage in preparation for the first Case Management Conference.   

A new local EDT representative, leading industry expert, Felicity Pletz, will also be introduced during the lunch time forum. 

Event details

DATE – Thursday, 24 July 2014

TIME – 12.30pm (90 minutes)

LOCATIONHotel DeBrett – 2 High St, Auckland

The event is open to all law firms. To register contact Jo Sherman at EDT –

Format of the lunch forum

The luncheon will be hosted by EDT CEO & Founder Jo Sherman and facilitated by myself in a relaxed environment designed to facilitate an exchange of views and ideas. 

The agenda will include –

  • Discussion about the increasing importance of Early Case Assessment
  • ECA case study – a walk-through demo of the process that was embraced by Allen & Overy LLP
  • Methods to analyse and cull irrelevant documents, enabling the legal team can get to the key documents, quicker, cheaper and more accurately
  • Using ECA to predict and control costs and budget
  • The benefit of combining processing, analysis and review on an integrated platform
  • Industry trends that can simplify the cost and burden of managing documents in any case.

As facilitator I will provide some input into developments in the marketplace and how some of the tools and strategies can be used to simplify the discovery process.

EDT Case Study and Webinar

The forum will build on the themes from the recent case study EDT completed with international law firm Allen & Overy LLP, highlighting the considerable time and cost savings available through the effective use of ECA technology.

In addition, EDT recently ran a webinar “Back to the Future – The Re-Emergence of Early Case Assessment”. The webinar featured a panel of industry experts who looked at why ECA technology was worth another look. The webinar showcased how integrated ECA technology can assist lawyers to analyse large datasets quickly and to cull irrelevant data could prior to the expensive data processing and legal review phases of eDiscovery. A link to the webinar is available here.

EDT moves to the cloud

EDT will launch its new cloud based solution during the luncheon. The cloud model will appeal to New Zealand clients because it involves no internal hardware or related capital costs for the firm. The costs can be fully disbursed to a client on a matter by matter basis. In addition there is no ongoing strain on internal resources to manage and support the solution.  

Unlike some software options, EDTs software can either be installed internally within an organisation, or available as a hosted solution.

Local New Zealand support

EDT has now engaged the services of a leading industry expert Felicity Pletz to provide local support for New Zealand clients. Felicity has considerable experience in the legal technology industry, working for a number of global eDiscovery firms. 

EDT also offers a free migration service for Summation clients in New Zealand to help the transition from their legacy litigation support system.

Building on the success of 2013

The lunch forums will build on the success of the highly popular lunch forums held throughout New Zealand last year. These forums were well received by all attendees as they provided a relaxed platform to discuss the latest best practices and trends in the industry. I provided an in-depth overview of last year’s EDT lunch forums, which highlighted some key talking points.

At the same time EDT has been one of the main sponsors of the New Zealand eDiscovery Conference for the past two years. 

These events continue to show the commitment of Jo Sherman and EDT to the New Zealand legal technology industry.

Providing alternatives to legacy options

I wrote recently about how some firms are being left behind by their choice of eDiscovery software, or their reliance on legacy products that no longer suit their requirements. The annual software licenses of many in-house products provide the opportunity for organisations to re-evaluate their options on an annual basis. 

There are now numerous alternative eDiscovery software options available. It is exciting times for New Zealand law firms and corporate organisations with the continual influx of options available to the New Zealand legal industry. Choosing the right eDiscovery software can be significant competitive advantage in assisting lawyers navigate the challenges of managing increasing data volumes.

I again look forward to reporting back post the forum with some of the developments.



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