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Launch of ‘The NZ E-Discovery Blog’

July 12th, 2011

E-Discovery Consulting is proud to announce the launch of The NZ E-Discovery Blog.

The NZ E-Discovery Blog is an objective commentary that will look to promote the understanding and awareness of electronic discovery issues. Complementing the services of E-Discovery Consulting, the blog will be a valuable resource to make it easier for lawyers to be able to reduce the time and cost of discovery. I will look to promote best practices and how technology can be used more effectively to facilitate a proportionate and efficient approach to e-discovery.

Changing landscape

The discovery landscape continues to evolve with complexities presented by the greater volumes and sources of electronic information. As a consequence the burden, delay and cost of discovery continues to escalate, and this is a concern for all.

Unfortunately many of the costs associated with discovery are unnecessary costs, largely due to a lack of understanding of more efficient methods.

On a positive note, speaking with numerous law firms, there is increased interest in what is currently happening in the e-discovery space in New Zealand. More organisations are starting to look at more modernised practices and investigate more sophisticated technology to assist them produce more cost effective and accurate results for their clients. However I am frequently told that there is not enough information available to assist these law firms and guide them through the discovery process and how they can leverage the use of technology more effectively.

The NZ E-Discovery Blog will try and widen the understanding in New Zealand so the legal profession is better informed of the latest methodologies to assist them approach the management of documents, and reduce some of these unnecessary costs and provide better results for their clients. By being more informed of the options available, it will enable lawyers to be more prepared to address the challenges presented by e-discovery.

New discovery rules

With all the changes in progress in New Zealand with new court rules regarding discovery requirements, The NZ E-Discovery Blog will keep the legal profession informed of all the latest information from the courts, and provide commentary on best practices for litigants to respond to the new rules.

The NZ E-Discovery Blog should become a valuable resource for all in the legal profession to enable them to address discovery more effectively. Continue to follow my posts on twitter and linkedin.


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