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NuLegal adopts Everlaw’s eDiscovery Software

November 16th, 2015

One of the leading Australian litigation support providers, NuLegal has announced it is moving to Everlaw as its preferred eDiscovery review platform.

NuLegal will continue to use Nuix for processing, whilst Everlaw will be used for the review and case management post the discovery phase.

Everlaw’s main focus is the review process with its ease of use functionality, coupled with fully integrated predictive coding and analytics capabilities. One of the additional benefits of Everlaw is its post review features with the likes of chronologies and outlines.

Everlaw has developed into an industry-leading ediscovery software platform in the United States, and this relationship enables Everlaw to take their platform to a wider audience in the Australian (and New Zealand) market.

The move by NuLegal will be watched with interest as most providers in the Australian market are offering Relativity as their preferred review platform, together with the legacy Ringtail clients.

NuLegal have always prided themselves on being an innovative company that looks to challenge the traditional mould and churn of the eDiscovery process – it looks like Everlaw may be a perfect fit.

The press release of the announcement can be found here.



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