Early Case Assessment (ECA), Searching and Filtering

Gaining an early insight into your data can be a significant advantage that assists you to make informed decisions about your case and eDiscovery strategy. How you undertake your eDiscovery searching is crucial.

We can take care of the searching and filtering of your documents, enabling you to get an idea of the potential costs and to provide you with a significant strategic advantage as you prepare for the first Case Management Conference. We can also help you to negotiate a proportionate approach and to define the scope of discovery with opposing parties. Our assistance will enable you to locate the key documents quickly and cost effectively, allowing you to predict and control costs.

Our Early Case Assessment (ECA), searching and filtering service can include:

  • Analysing data to gain insights into the information available to you
  • Assessing who has communicated with whom on what topics
  • Investigate date ranges and determine whether data from any key dates is missing
  • Applying filtering techniques (e.g. key people, date ranges or file types)
  • Devising and applying keyword search terms
    • Testing search terms
    • Gathering search term hit counts to determine effectiveness
    • Fine tuning search terms to deliver the required outcomes
  • Applying other automated searches like concept searching, clustering, email threading and near duplicate identification
  • Deploying technology assisted review techniques like Predictive Coding
  • Loading responsive documents into your eDiscovery software (e.g. Summation, EDT, Relativity, Nuix Ringtail, LawFlow etc)
  • Access to eDiscovery software if required, or delivery of documents on a storage device (e.g. USB/CD/DVD) or via a secure online site.

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