eDiscovery Processing

With most information now existing in electronic form in its original state, we can manage all of the eDiscovery processing of your information to assist you comply with your discovery requirements.

Whether it is a few emails or multiple terabytes for an organisation that has millions of electronic documents, we can manage the electronic processing of data so that you can focus on the issues of the case.

Our electronic processing service can include:

  • Arranging all practical requirements such as
    • Extracting all electronic files, metadata and text
    • De-duplicating electronic documents
    • De-NISTing – removing system files and similar irrelevant material
    • Applying further filtering techniques – e.g. key individuals, date ranges, file type or keyword search terms
    • Family handling – extracting all attachments, but maintaining parent/child relationships
    • Providing a unique Document ID for each document
    • Converting documents to image format (PDF, TIFF), or producing in their native file format
  • Delivering your documents in a format that can load directly into your eDiscovery software (e.g. Summation, EDT, Relativity, Ringtail, LawFlow etc)
  • Access to eDiscovery software if required, or delivery of documents on a storage device (e.g. USB/CD/DVD) or via a secure online site
  • Preparation of the Affidavit of Documents and the corresponding storage device containing the documents (e.g. USB/CD/DVD) and the discovery list in accordance with the High Court discovery rules for delivery to other parties.

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