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Let’s dig a little deeper into what I do !

August 17th, 2016

In my last post I explored the common issue of articulating what I did. This got me thinking about providing further detail about exactly what it is that I do.

Over five years ago I decided to leave the comfortable surrounds of working inside law firms as I wanted to be able to provide more advice around efficient and cost effective ways to manage discovery. Sometimes working inside large law firms, this is not always a leading priority. It should be, but…

The way I work has evolved

I wrote an article in LawTalk over four years ago to help raise the awareness of the role of an eDiscovery consultant. The article was a composite of typical jobs that I was doing, to try and highlight the value that I could bring to a process that was becoming over complicated for lawyers.

Many of the jobs from the article are still typical today. What has probably changed is how I work, with a lot more short meeting at an early stage of the discovery process – with many now either by phone or video.

What differentiates me?

The eDiscovery process can be notorious for its unnecessary ‘churn’ and inefficiencies.

I continually look for smarter ways to approach the challenges of eDiscovery. Much of my advice is tactical and focused on methods to meet my client’s requirements and help them to achieve this efficiently and cost effectively.

My approach can differentiate me from other providers or professional services firms, especially here in New Zealand. Often providers will have software or services to sell, which can result in lesser importance placed on developing a strategy that provides the most efficient and cost effective option.

As I do not provide or sell software, I provide impartiality to my clients as I am not tied to any one piece of software. I advise on finding a software solution that is designed to meet my client’s requirements, which means they do not have to change their work practices to meet the capabilities of the software.

Raising Awareness

Since I started over five years ago I continue to try and raise the awareness of eDiscovery in New Zealand. I work to break down barriers mainly centered with a ‘love affair’ with traditional practices, whilst promoting smarter ways to tackle eDiscovery. This is an ongoing mission as a lot can happen in 12 months with both technology and more effective ways to approach eDiscovery.

This is not easy, but the challenges do provide pleasing opportunities.

In a wider context I run LawFest, which also looks to provide a platform to encourage lawyers and their firms to innovate and leverage technology.

If you are interested in finding out more about what I do or how I might be able to help you – just give me a shout !




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