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New discovery rules – training sessions

October 7th, 2011

As I announced yesterday, the new NZ discovery rules are now publicly available. They commence on 1 February 2012.  To assist the profession understand what the new discovery rules will mean for them, I have established dedicated training sessions on the new discovery rules. Details of the sessions are available here.

The new rules contain substantial changes, and for some this could mean current practices will need to change. In New Zealand there is still a reliance on addressing discovery through paper based methods. These practices will need to change to comply with the new rules, but also to be able to address discovery more cost effectively with the exponential growth in electronic information.

The focus of the training sessions will largely be on how I can ensure you can most effectively comply with the new practical requirements. The sessions are a chance for me to explain in ‘plain english’ as to what the new requirements will mean for you and your organisation. I will outline what you need to do and how to do it.

These sessions should benefit all involved in the legal industry from large or small law firms, barristers, in-house counsel through to those that provide services to the legal industry. The sessions can be tailored to suit the requirements of each firm.  Some may want to just focus on what the new requirements are, whilst others may want more assessment of their current practices to see if there needs to be any significant changes.

Other firms may want to go further and be more prepared to proactively address the Discovery Checklist. The firms that are able to know more about their clients documents at an earlier stage, will be in a much stronger position when they commence the mandatory discussions with the other parties. They will be the ones that will be able to do the most effective job for their clients under these new rules.

Over the past two years I have been a leading member of the working group that helped draft these discovery rules. This experience as well as my many years working within lawfirms provides me with exclusive expertise of what the new practical requirements will mean. I can pass this expertise on to others.

My blog tries to raise the awareness of electronic discovery. This is largely in response to there being a lack of awareness and the general provision of information when it comes to how to tackle electronic discovery. This should assist those that follow, remove unnecessary costs that are still occurring in current discovery practices. It is all about trying to simplify the discovery process and make the job of lawyers easier.

These training sessions should do just this, and in turn ensure firms are prepared for the new discovery rules come 1 February next year.



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