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NZ eDiscovery Conference introduces leading eDiscovery providers

March 4th, 2014

Some of the world’s leading eDiscovery and legal technology providers are participating in the 2nd Annual New Zealand eDiscovery ConferenceNuix, EDT, FTI, Symantec, Recommind, Law In Order and InfocentriK are all sponsoring the event, which takes place in Auckland at the Stamford Plaza on the 19th of March.

We are fortunate to have Nuix, EDT and Symantec back again as sponsors after they supported the inaugural event. These providers have made significant strides in the New Zealand market since the 2013 event, and I am sure FTI, Recommind, Law In Order and InfocentriK will do the same this year.

These providers are all contributing to the event to help develop their offerings to the New Zealand marketplace. This will be of great benefit to the New Zealand legal industry as the commitment of these providers brings more competition and greater access to tools and services than have ever been available for New Zealand firms – all significant benefits to New Zealand clients.

One of the main attractions of the New Zealand event for these providers is the lack of existing options currently available for New Zealand law firms and organisations. In the past too often Law Firms, government agencies and corporate organisations were isolated and did not have the opportunity to explore first-hand the leading technology and service providers. Events like the New Zealand eDiscovery Conference help remove this barrier by providing New Zealand clients with direct access to some of the world’s leading eDiscovery providers.

Many of these providers services suit the New Zealand market model, with many firms not having as large a matters, but need to look to technology to assist them do more with less and compete with the larger law firms. Many of the options provide a fully managed service where the law firms do not need to spend considerable money on software or the internal expertise to run the software. 

Meet with the eDiscovery providers

If anyone would like to make arrangements to meet with any of the providers whilst they are in New Zealand, then please let me know and I can point you in the direction of the appropriate people. 

Limited sponsorship opportunities remaining

There has been considerable interest in in the event this year with the majority of the sponsorship options now taken, with only a limited few opportunities now available. In addition we are down to the final couple of exhibitor opportunities with most of the space at the Conference venue now taken.

Drinks Reception sponsorship still available

One of the opportunities still available is the sponsorship opportunity for the Drinks Reception at the conclusion of the conference. This is a new opportunity that is appearing attractive to many of the registered delegates. The separate brand recognition of the Drinks Reception post the conference will set the sponsor apart from the other supporters of the event. The NZ Lawyer will also be in featuring photographs from the Drinks Reception.





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